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Project management

Project life cycle of a solar system:

Project Specifications Working days
Quote & specification: Specification and quotation will be provided based on comprehensive analysis. In 2 days
Acceptance of quote: Sign this document; pay deposit. 10 days cooling off period is allowed. In 15 days
Pre-approval: Permission of grid-connection from distributor. 1 – 30 days
Logistic: Delivery of all components to your site. 1 – 2 days before installation
Installation: Complete all engineering work on site. Solar system is now generating power! 1 – 5 days
Inspection: Implemented by government authorized electrician. 1 day
FIT application & finalization: Excess solar energy now can be converted to your credit. 1 day


We use data-driven systems to calculate and estimate the best size for customers. We inspect sites, measure your rooftop, optimizing sun-facing angles, check your electricity bills and more to give you a quality outcome. We will take into consideration any special requirements you may have.


No worries at all. We have a professional CEC accredited team to execute your job quickly and neatly. Triple insurance to protect you from any damage to your property. System Training is provided to assist you in optimizing your system.


A solar system is not only a way to save electricity, but also an effective investment. We provide flexible finance options to suit your needs. Both residential and commercial customers can apply. Easy, quick and secure.


A successful solar project requires huge amount of paperwork, which we will take care of including:

  1. feed-in tariff applications,
  2. government rebates,
  3. Electrical certificate of compliance, and
  4. Services coordination.