5 kW Solar PV system

Shown price is deposit of 5 kW solar system that includes:

Tier 1 high efficiency panel;

GoodWe Inverter;

Accredited Installation;

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Shown price is for 5 kW solar PV system that includes:

Tier 1 high efficiency panel ;

On grid Inverter(s) with WIFI optional;

Accredited Installation;

Annual generation over 6500 kWh electricity for a typical 5kW solar PV system, suitable for family with monthly bill over $80 in Australia.

Panels are eligible for 25 years’ warranty, and Inverter with 10+ years warranty.

By saving 30 – 80% your current energy, you can enjoy your life in a better and green way.

Non Interest Ever scheme is available with conditions apply. Make sure you contact Energy Cloud Australia prior to purchase it.

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