Solar For retailer shop


FOODWORKS North Frankston.

Size: 55 KW

System specification and performance:

Annual power generation is 74200 kwh. 90% onsite generation was supplied to large electrical equipment in the supermarket, such as refrigerator and air conditioner. The system used JA 315W monocrystalline silicon solar panel and 4 Fronius inverters, which are made in Austria and applied MPPT efficiency optimization technology. The payback period is within 3 years, which is benefits for the supermarket operation.


Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners in supermarkets consume large amounts of electricity, usually accounting for more than 70% during the day, which as the normal operation cannot be avoided. The solar system efficiently utilise the spare roof. The double generation in summer make the cost for electricity consumption and demand charge at a relatively low level.

We offer customised installment plan thereby ensuring multiple financial benefits such as positive cash flow, zero upfront fee, GST refund, tax refund for assets depreciation.