Solar For clinic and hospital


T/A Family Care Medical Center.

Size: 34 KW

System specification and performance:

The installation has been completed within one day. Annual power generation is 40000 kwh, saving up to 84%. The system used Jinko 330w monocrystalline silicon solar panel and Huawei inverters. Considered various tax benefits, the system achieved zero upfront payment and payback period of 2 years. No interrupts of the hospital operation due to effective communication and precise engineering management.


It is important to ensure the electricity supply for hospitals due to the utilization of various medical instruments, such as refrigerator for vaccines and blood samples. The solar system efficiently utilise the spare roof to reduce electricity bills. Moreover, the energy storage is available for future extension thereby ensuring the electricity supply in the hospital.

The company provides one-stop service from sales, design, investment return analysis, financial management, loan application, installation, and customer services. The hospital manager was very satisfied the services and installation and order a residential system for his house as well.