Solar For Agriculture


Helen & Joey Estate

Size: 27 KW

System specification and performance:

The famous winery located in Yarra Valley has beautiful scenery and many tourists. The selected black monocrystalline silicon solar panels improve the landscape of the winery. The system reduces operation costs and helps the indoor insulation effect. The inverter adopts ABB inverter made in Italy, with a simple appearance and high efficiency. The 27KW solar system occupies most of the roof area, and it provides clean and efficient energy every day.


Wineries, ranches, orchards, chicken farms, etc. are all common farm types in Australia. They normally have large area, machining and refrigeration equipment, multiple houses, but weak power supply system. Ground photovoltaic systems and emergency energy storage systems are commonly used in these cases.

Energy Cloud Australia comprehensively considers the current status of the farms and their future plans to provide efficient and economical solutions. We also can provide design of medium and large photovoltaic power plants, which are able to produce more revenue.